Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How You can Avoid Bed Bugs Bite?

The most notorious and irritating pests are bed bugs. Bed bugs bites create lots of problems like itchy and allergies. Bed bug bites have different symptoms on different people. Saliva of the bed bug when it injects on skin - create itchy and redness and sometimes red bumps on skin. When a bed bug bites adult or kids you can easily recognize by red spot on your skin. Keep bed bugs away from the kids because some kids have lot of skin problem with saliva of bed bug.

When you feel redness on your body and also itching then first of verify that either it is bed bug bite or something else. If children are scratching their body badly then carefully examines the place and checks the symptoms. Check your house properly and remove bed bugs infestation for making your night peaceful and comfortable. By doing this practice you can sleep at night properly and no bed bugs can bite you.

If you want to inspect the place of insect in your house then first of notice that where your kids play frequently like bed rooms of kids - bed mattress etc. After pointing out the place - examine the effected place like arms - face and shoulders carefully. It is not necessary that bed bugs bite the kid during play - it may bit your kid at night when they are sleeping. If your kid will not take proper sleep at night then he looked drowsy.

When a bed bug bites on your skin then he inject saliva on your skin. Anesthetic elements are present in saliva so when bed bug bites you will not feel any pain. Another important thing anticoagulant is also present in saliva which helps in clothing of blood after sucking of blood by bed bugs. Some people are allergy with these elements. Children always feel uneasy when bed bugs bite them during night sleep.

If you do lot of itchy on affected place then it may swell like large wheals. Large wheals turn into red spots. It takes more than two or three days to recover from bed bug bite.

When a bed bug bites your child then you should be careful - your kids don't scratch the place badly. Sometimes infection may start and red spot turn into serious wound. Bed bugs are more dangerous than mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and dust mites bites are not much irritating as compared with bed bugs.

Due to bed bugs infestation you will not sleep properly at night and it develops restlessness - anxiety and stress in some people.

For good night sleep - inspect the hiding place of bed bugs at your home and eliminate them with the help of insect killing medicine. If we examine the structure of bed bug - they are very small insect with reddish brown color. They are oval in shape and are present near the food source.

If you find any bug in your then it means that they infested in your house. They are commonly present on wooden furniture like bedside table or dressing table.

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