Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Treat Bed Bugs Bites Via Herbs | Natural Remedy's

The problem of bed bugs is centuries old. Bed bugs dilemma and related health issues were reported from European medieval times. Also - the Greeks had documented the same predicament in various classical writings. Bites of bed bugs have made it impossible for people to take a good sleep at night. In fact - resting on an infested bed - cot or couch is one thing and nibbled by bed bugs is another issue. Bed bugs are non-carriers of diseases and their bites are painless. However - people having such problems are embarrassed about dilemma of bed bugs' bites. These bloodsucking parasitic insects not only cause physical harm but may also affect one's mental condition. It is believed that their infestation is damaging the human relationships - which may result in psychological disorders. Following are the consequences of bed bugs' bites:

- Frustration - swelling and damaging of the local tissue
- Immediate or delayed allergy reactions
- Systematic pattern of bite marks

Now - the question arises that how to treat bites of bed bugs. These bites are limited to itchiness plus swelling welts and are potentially incapable of transmitting injurious diseases. Washing of bitten body part with soap and water is an immediate treatment. Do not scratch the affected part as it may lead to severe infection resulting in advance medical treatment. You can also treat the nibbled part with ice. In addition - special herbs are also suggested - which will aid in speeding up of remedial process.

Treatment of bed bugs bites' through herbs helps in stopping itchiness and controlling the infections. Moreover - these are utilized for imbalance correction - improved symptoms - energy increase and the immune system boost up. Chinese herbs are beneficial as they can be used in mixture with additional herbs. This combination of herbs depends on the state of bed bugs' bites. Below are few herbs which can be brought into play for bed bugs' bites.

1. Plantain or band-aid plant also termed as ribwort and pig's ear} is commonly found herb at parks - playgrounds and driveways. It is distinguished from other herbs by its five veins which are parallel and run on every leaf. Out of its two types - the broad leaf herb has long thin leaves. Whereas - the plantain with narrow leaves has also long thin leaves but its flower head is smaller in size and looks like a flying saucer. Leaves and seeds of various plantain species are used for bed bugs' bites treatment.

2. Mud is the oldest and most simple poultice. You can treat the bed bugs' bites with white clay in powdered form mixed herb tea. Clay usually has no chances of fungal spores' inclusion.

3. Mild starchy materials like graded potato - finely grounded grains of rice/ oatmeal - arrowroot powder and mallow root may be employed to control brutal pain and itchiness.

4. Fresh-herb poultices are somewhat complicated to be used than other herbs. You should chew it first and then apply the resulting substance to the affected area. Place the poultice in a large sized leaf or in an adhesive bandage for best effects. Plantium - wild geranium - Comfrey - Yellow dock - and Chickweed are few examples of poultice.

Leaves of willow - oak - maple and hazel are best for bed bugs' bites treatment. Maple and oak are the safest and recognizable herbs - which can be used after chewing.

How You can Identify the Bed Bug?

If you wake up early in the morning and go out for a walk and feel some red spot on your body with lots of itching on it then you must be bitten by bed bugs last night. Bed bugs are very simple and small round body insect. The scientific name of bed bug is Cimex Lectularius. Insecta kingdom of specie presents the wide and diverse family of insects and pests and bed bugs also belong to this kingdom. There is concept in religious books that a time might come in this world when whole earth with human and other species like animals - birds etc will be destroyed.

Not only this world but also other planet in this world will be destroy but only one creature will remain in this world due their flexibility and toughness and bed bugs also belong to this creature. So if you are thinking of eliminating them complete then it is very tough to achieve.

You can't see bed bugs through naked eye because they are tiny creatures with flattened body. Use magnifying glass or lenses for observing them. Bed bugs are deep brown in color and but their color may vary from area to area. Some areas like Europe - there color is white or creamy due to different weather conditions. If you observe deeply then you will find red color along with brown in their stomach. Some red bugs have black spots on their stomach instead of red color. Basic diet of bed bugs is host blood. Bed bugs survive on host blood and if they will not get the blood then they may died.

Bed bugs are similar to mosquitoes and they have very small beaks. They inject this beak into human body for sucking blood. They left saliva on human skin while sucking host blood. As we all know that bed bugs are very ting creature so the blood sucks by them are very negligible about a fourth of milliliter.
Another important thing in bed bug is they don't spread diseases in humans like other insect and pest. Mosquitoes cause malaria in humans but bed bugs are proven that they don't carry any disease. When a bed bug bites then very small red mark appear on your skin that may swell for few hours after sometime. It creates lot of itching on skin and discomfort.

There are different ways of exterminating bed bugs. The most effective and proper way of killing pest and insect is use of pesticides or insecticides. Some pesticides are very harmful to your health. Some people don't know that which bed bug killing medicine is good so consult any pest control operator and use recommended medicine. Pest control consultants not only advise you proper medicine but also tell you the effective way of using pesticides which helps you to avoid serious problem.

Some people think that if you make your house neat and clean then you can easily prevent bed bugs but it is true to some extent.

How You can Avoid Bed Bugs Bite?

The most notorious and irritating pests are bed bugs. Bed bugs bites create lots of problems like itchy and allergies. Bed bug bites have different symptoms on different people. Saliva of the bed bug when it injects on skin - create itchy and redness and sometimes red bumps on skin. When a bed bug bites adult or kids you can easily recognize by red spot on your skin. Keep bed bugs away from the kids because some kids have lot of skin problem with saliva of bed bug.

When you feel redness on your body and also itching then first of verify that either it is bed bug bite or something else. If children are scratching their body badly then carefully examines the place and checks the symptoms. Check your house properly and remove bed bugs infestation for making your night peaceful and comfortable. By doing this practice you can sleep at night properly and no bed bugs can bite you.

If you want to inspect the place of insect in your house then first of notice that where your kids play frequently like bed rooms of kids - bed mattress etc. After pointing out the place - examine the effected place like arms - face and shoulders carefully. It is not necessary that bed bugs bite the kid during play - it may bit your kid at night when they are sleeping. If your kid will not take proper sleep at night then he looked drowsy.

When a bed bug bites on your skin then he inject saliva on your skin. Anesthetic elements are present in saliva so when bed bug bites you will not feel any pain. Another important thing anticoagulant is also present in saliva which helps in clothing of blood after sucking of blood by bed bugs. Some people are allergy with these elements. Children always feel uneasy when bed bugs bite them during night sleep.

If you do lot of itchy on affected place then it may swell like large wheals. Large wheals turn into red spots. It takes more than two or three days to recover from bed bug bite.

When a bed bug bites your child then you should be careful - your kids don't scratch the place badly. Sometimes infection may start and red spot turn into serious wound. Bed bugs are more dangerous than mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and dust mites bites are not much irritating as compared with bed bugs.

Due to bed bugs infestation you will not sleep properly at night and it develops restlessness - anxiety and stress in some people.

For good night sleep - inspect the hiding place of bed bugs at your home and eliminate them with the help of insect killing medicine. If we examine the structure of bed bug - they are very small insect with reddish brown color. They are oval in shape and are present near the food source.

If you find any bug in your then it means that they infested in your house. They are commonly present on wooden furniture like bedside table or dressing table.

Are you safe from bed bugs?

If you think the bedbug is a phenomenon that is long gone - you need to think again. Even high class hotel beds can be infested with the brownish - oval - wingless bedbugs. Your own bed can have many bugs hidden inside it - either around the bed frame or in the cracks. These are little parasites that suck blood of warm blooded animals including humans and usually hunt for blood during night. From the history of bedbugs we can see that they first used to feed on birds like bats only but gradually they learned to respond to environment changes and started sucking human blood too. Bedbugs are found mostly in hotter regions like Florida and North America.

Although blood suction might sound horrible to you - but these parasites do not carry germs of contagious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis. Where mosquito bites can even cause death of a person by dengue germs - cimicosis {bedbug bites} can only cause itching and swelling of skin.

Bedbugs have two tiny tubes one of which contains a sedative due to which a person doesn't feel an itching or piercing effect during cimicosis. Through the other tube - the bedbug sucks blood from the body of the host. The skin swells after some time and causes itching and burning effect and appears to be reddish. The itching caused by a bedbug bite sustains longer and is harsher than a mosquito bite. You can identify a cimicosis by this sign. If you rub the skin harder it will get infected making it even worse. Some bumps heal naturally if you just leave them for some time.

Wash the affected area with an antibacterial soap and apply cream suggested by your dermatologist. But this is a temporary remedy. You have to make sure that you wipe out these bugs from your bed - furniture and even from your home. Cleanliness can really prove to be effective and give special attention on the hygiene of hidden places like under bed frame - in cracks and holes and below mattress. Get rid of stacks of old papers - abandoned clothes and other waste items. If you're staying in a hotel - make sure that you are not sleeping with these parasites. They are expert hitchhikers and can travel back with your luggage and clothes and can reside in your home bed and furniture - becoming your constant torment. A place with an influx of these bugs would have a strange sweet aroma produced by the secretions of bedbug glands.

One precautionary measure would be to apply insect-repellent formula on your skin that will keep these bugs from biting you at night. But proper inspection and preventive measures must be adopted as these bugs reproduce at high rates and can make your bed their permanent habitat. The females usually lay their eggs in small cracks and wooden crevices. Bugs hide in small dark places and can live there for almost a year without food. So stay safe and take services of a pest control company that can spray your house with an effective bug-control formula - which will eradicate this problem for longer period.